asked for a full carbon fiber road bike on Ubokia so he could take his riding ability to the next level. He just finished his first amateur race thanks to the bike he got.
asked for a new acoustic guitar on Ubokia to complete her new sound. She got it and has already booked two new gigs.
asked for a vacation house next to the beach on Ubokia so she could see the ocean for the first time. They found the perfect house and let’s just say Ashley liked what she saw.
asked for a 1961 Cadillac Coupe Deville convertible on Ubokia so he could fix it up. He got one in no time.
asked for a studio apartment on the 10th floor with a city view on Ubokia. They just moved into their dream place.
asked for a pair of headphones on Ubokia so he could experience his music instead of just listening to it. He’s been rocking out ever since he got these ones.
asked for the perfect couch on Ubokia to fit their personality. They were pretty excited when they got this bad boy.
asked for a 1955 Leica M3 ELC camera on Ubokia. She was the envy of her camera collectors club when she found it for a great price.
asked for a toy on Ubokia to help him prepare for his first day of school. She got Davey his very own abacus.